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Re: Tyler Brown Strength, Endurance, and Power Training

Short-term Goals

By the end of December 2010: 5k time: 21:00. Powerlifting Total: 975

By the end of January 2011: 5k time: 20:00. Powerlifting Total: 1000

By the end of February 2011: 5k time: 19:00. Powerlifting Total: 1025

By the end of March 2011: 5k time: 18:00. Powerlifting Total: 1050

By the end of April 2011: 5k time: 17:00. Powerlifting Total: 1075

By the end of May 2011: 5k time: 16:30. Powerlifting Total: 1100

Compete in:

1. Royal Run for the Roses (a 5K). May 7, 2011,00.html

with a 16:30 time, I should have a good shot at winning this race.

2. 32nd USAPL/FSF Florida Sunshine State Games Bench Press & Powerlifting Championships

The Florida State Record for the 3-lift total is 970 in the 148lb weight class in the Raw category. Iíll win that with a total of 1100Ö. assuming that I can get down to 148lbs. Iím willing to drop weight as far as I can until my strength stops increasing. Hopefully that happens around the 145 to 148 mark.

Sidenote based on last paragraph: Yes, Iím still gaining strength while losing fat. Iím stronger at 160lbs than I was at 210lbs. Itís possible with a very intelligent, calculated approach. My workout partner and I always did it whenever we leaned down for the summers. Iíve also taught my fiance how to. Although a lot of people will tell you itís not possible, I can 100% guarantee you that it is. Intelligence and consistency are the keys.
"What you do in life echoes in eternity" - Maximus in "Gladiator"
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