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Re: Jason's Workout Log


Thanks for the words of encouragement. I workk out by myself in the basement so it is sometimes tough to push myself. Nice work with your own workouts and stick with it. I am really enjoying Crossfit and am glad I started.


I subbed in a workout from the cycle that I missed as I don't have clean & jerk equipment...yet but I do have a line on an Olympic bar and weights.

AMRAP in 15 min - I had to take a phone call at 15 min so I didn;t get in the full 20

10 thrusters 15 lb DB's
10 GHD's on the swiss ball feet anchored
10 back extension on swiss ball feet anchored

Did 8 rounds, think I could've gotten 11 with the full 20 min.

Looking forward to 10 km tomorrow.
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