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Re: My Midlife Crisis

Yep, not bad numbers there.
At least you sound as though you have them well in context though ie not getting big-headed about it.

I thought my numbers were good going into CF too (again, pretty similar to yours), but I did come from a powerlifting background.
I soon learned that they mean nothing if I couldn't string any more than a couple of pull-ups together!

To be honest, I'm happy to scale down some of my weights now, though that decision took much soul-searching. The lower weights mean I can now get more out of the WODs - keeping the work rate high.
I've acepted now that it might take me a long time to do most WODs unscaled - I think I only managed 1 this month without some adjustment.
Try not to compare yourself too much to the awesome performances in the videos - yes they can be inspiring, but they can also show you how far you still have to go. I'd have given up on day 1 if I thought I had to compete with those guys.
I focus on improving my performance and that alone.
But, from your last post, you seem to know when to call it quits - smart move!
I do some strength work on other days to keep my ego happy

I'm not sure I've seen big changes to my physique yet, though my wife tells me the spare tyre is smaller. And I can tell that I'm 'firming' up. I guess there's still too much fat to see the difference.
Oh, and my clothes are beginning to look and feel baggy... That's really been the change since just before last Christmas. And I've probably dropped 5kg/10lbs in that time too.

Looking forward to reading your log...

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