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Re: My Midlife Crisis

Hey Benjamin,

You sound quite a bit like me !
I'm 5'9" (and a half), just turned 40, but a bit heavier and fatter (97kg/215lb, 27% fat), with a history of weighlifting and martial arts. And fairly incosistent too - all the same "reasons"...
I'm also trying to make some major changes (aka midlife crisis ), only it sounds like I've been CFing a few months more.

All I can say is: stick with it.
Some days you'll feel like a firebreather, others you'll feel like you've achieved nothing. Rest assured, neither of these are true - but every day you turn up and train, and every day you eat well, you're making a difference.
Like everyone else, you'll find some WODs suit you and your experience better (I like heavy WODs for example); others will humiliate you (for me, that's anything with body weight work). But over time you will see improvements and the imbalance will even out in the end.

btw Those vacation photos you mentioned - keep them handy, but don't look at them till you've been living your new lifestyle for few months. You'll see big differences.
My son found some old photos of me recently - even though I've still got a long way to go - he was amazed at the difference.

Keep posting - it's nice to know there are other like me out there!
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