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Mike Humphries
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Hello! I work for a state agency here in Tumwater, WA. We have a Wellness & Safety Committee. Looking through the web site and minutes of past meetings of this committee, it became obvious that there was only a passing interest in actual health. I was thinking this would be a great opportunity to spread the crossfit lifestyle here at my agency.

My idea is this: line up a Crossfit certified trainer to come give a short presentation on the theory behind Crossfit and what it means to be healthy. I also think setting up a Saturday morning workout at a local park would be a great idea.

I'd like to hear how this has worked for people trying to introduce CF in the workplace in the past. Also, if anyone out there in the Olympia, WA area is certified and would be interested in helping out, please let me know. (Mr. Eugene Allen, Olympia's not too far!)

Replying here or sending me email at works great. Thanks for any and all ideas and suggestions!
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