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Re: right shoulder problems

Originally Posted by Eric S. Jensen View Post
I've been struggling with right shoulder pain for the last 6 months. Of course is has gradually gotten worse and now I can't really do much at all overhead.

I'm looking for some advice on what I should do or if anyone has had similar issues. I was working on my bar muscle ups when it really started giving me problems. Pressing overhead or push ups really gives me a problem. I've gone from 90+ push ups to 20 is pretty difficult.

The pain is beneath the acromion process and by the bicepital groove of my right shoulder

I've been looked at by a college student with sports medicine and she had told me that I have all AROM within normal limits but reproduces pain mainly at the end ranges. She had tested my rotator cuff muscles such as biceps, supraspinatus, and for a SLAP tear. I tested positive for mainly supraspinatus. Thanks for your help.

Tested positive for what? A weakness? Tender touch?
Did you have pain when she palpated the biceps tendon, in the groove?
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