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Re: Is it possible for Crossfit to make it to Rio in 2016?

Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
Every individual and team at the regionals and Games is tested, but as far as I know the only positive tests have been for stimulants that give a negligible (at best) advantage. It's naive to think that there have been zero people using anything stronger than that given that $250K is on the line. And I don't think there's any program in place to test people outside the Games season.
It'll be interesting to see if CF eventually goes in this direction. I've always heard most people who do you use PEDs, use them for training purposes and then cycle off during actual competition. Plus, most of the popular PEDs now are only detectable by a blood test correct?

If people really want to cheat, a urine test only at Regionals/Games isn't going to deter them.
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