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Re: Is it possible for Crossfit to make it to Rio in 2016?

I would guess that they probably have all of the events lined up for the next Olympics already, so no on that account.

Overall, Crossfit is a brand, not a sport, so you wont see anything called "Crossfit" in the Olympics ever. "The Sport of Fitness" (which I think is copyrighted by CF) would likely not make it either. There is no standardized competition protocol (unknown and unknowable and all...), there is no world-wide governing body and not enough history as a "sport" to be in the Olympics.

Thats just my opinion, though. Take it for what its worth.

In another sense though, you will see people cleaning and jerking, snatching, running, throwing objects for distance and accuracy, jumping, doing muscle-ups and everything else you see in your local box (sumo high-pulls excluded...). So, CF movements will be done in Rio, by the best of the best at them!

The decathlon is a great measure for the types of thing CF tests, strength, speed, skill, endurance etc.......

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