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Re: New to the Forum? ***READ THIS FIRST***

Hello Crossfit community, I am brand new to the forums, and have about 6-7 months of Crossfit under my belt, just completed lvl I coach. I fall into the realm of "used to be in good shape but kinda let herself go a couple years" kind of athlete. I've played a wide variety of sports-fencing, rugby, swimming, tennis, bouldering, surfing, etc. and used to do judo competitively. I wasted a few years in the Globogyms because I didn't know any better .
Crossfit was love at first WOD for me, and I am so glad to be a part of the community. I will try to belay the stupid questions, I may have one or two of those up my sleeve and I apologize in advance for those. Essentially I am a noob after all.
My long term goals: I want to be competition-ready within a year. Not really unrealistic I think (1 RM DL 260, FS 150, Fran is 5:17 but I scale my p.u.)
My short-term goals: Be comfortable coaching others safely and efficiently. Drop about 20-25 lbs. Do some kipping pull-ups (having helluva time with those) and not look like a newborn-baby moose when I do box jumps. Keep mah diet CLEAN. Oh, and run faster. I had been running inefficiently with terrible form for a long time, trying to break those bad habits. Also I'd like to improve endurance for 10k+ as well.
Many thanks in advance for any advice/pearls of wisdom some of you seasoned veterans out there may have to offer.
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