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Re: request

Originally Posted by Jay Ashman View Post
Then e-mail HQ. This is a discussion board up to the discretion of the moderators, they have said more than once to contact HQ with matters like this.

Closure is overrated, move on anyway. I have, and I have been in this community a lot longer than most and I am vesting my career with it.

People just love (not saying you) to beat down the doors with baseball bats and fly torches yelling "ANSWERS, ANSWERS!!!" when it isn't always necessary.

Maybe a simple well-placed e-mail with genuine concern would get you a good response instead of people flying on the discussion board.
I absolutely agree with this. I met two out of three of the current controversial folks and I think they are both good dudes. A look behind the curtain on this wouldn't help anything. I wish the mods didn't have to be so quick on the draw with these, but I've been here in one form or another since 2006, and these things get unproductive quickly.

It's a widely regarded opinion amongst legit mental health types that closure is BS propagated by Oprah and Dr. Phil. FISHDO.