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Re: Becoming!!!!

today with jordan at his gym. 10 min warmup at multiple machines with light to medium weight. -----3 sets of 7 reps 135# barbell clean and press. then ---3 reps 135# clean and press 3 pullups 3 rounds as fast as could. not timed tho. next was 35# kettle bell from ankle to ankle around the head 10 reps --20 side to side box jumps --5 knee ups. 4 rounds.-------next was 25 knee raises on dip bar 25 power crunches on machine 3 rounds. ---next was 3 sets of 5 reps 225 squats 2 sets 245 squat to floor. finished up with dummy drag simulation backwards jog with 20#db ten mins. also i forgot 4 sets of leg presses 3 with 300# 1 with 400#
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