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Michael Pilhofer
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Re: PR Squat 275

Hello Michael,

285, well done!

A couple of things to think about.

1. I would work as hard as you can to stay "TIGHTER" throughout the entire range of motion. You barely get the weight off the rack and stepped back, and you "drop" into your 1st rep. Don't get me wrong, you don't want to sit there hanging out with 285 on your back, but you need to get SET and get TIGHT

2. You can see on almost every rep but 4...which has its own issues, but your knees get soft at the bottom and slide forward. This is a sign that you are getting loose at the very bottom. Notice how it corresponds to when you start to loose a little of your lumbar extension. You need to FIGHT to stay tight at the bottom. Shove those knees out, out, OUT!! Start right from the get go.

3. Make sure you are taking as close of a grip on the bar that you can, while maintaining a forward, palm over the bar position. This will help to keep your back tight. Elbows Up!!

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