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Nick Wilson
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I do all of my workouts in my garage, and I'm slowly building / aquiring the equipment I need for Crossfit workouts. One exercise I'd really like to try is wallball (I've currently been subbing for thrusters), so the next piece I'm considering is a medicine ball. However, I've got a question.

My garage roof is only about 8' 6" high, and I can't realistically train outside. If I set up a wallball target right at the ceiling level, it's still fairly low, bearing in mind that I'm 6' 3" tall. After all, the standard seems to be to have the bottom of the target at 10', whereas the bottom of mine would only be about 7'.

How different will the exercise be with such a low target? I'll hardly have to throw the ball at all, so the throwing part of the exercise will be less explosive than I think it should be.

Would I be better off simply continuing to substitute dumbbell thrusters, or will wallball with a low target still be worthwhile?

Thanks for any opinions.
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