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Re: Elbow injury

Lol like what kind of hobbies??? Most of my hobbies consist of physical activity, dirtbiking, basketball, surfing, hiking (I guess I can do that) crossfit, krav maga. Haha I can still play video games but still....I can only do that for a couple hours. I really really really really hope I dont need surgery. My god will that ruin everything. Its gonna suck me down the hole Ive been trying to get out of the last year or so. Of being a lazy pile stoner...but now with a prescription to pain killers as well. This injury better not last more than a month...Im getting worried just thinking about it. I cant imaigine me not falling into this hole/pattern again if I cant be active for 2+months. As far as the diet ya Im gonna try. But the problem Is I cant really cook anything. Im completely gimped lol.
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