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Elbow injury

Ughh so frustrating!!!! Just finished like my first month of crossfit. One month to the day I joined well I injure my damn elbow. Played basketball two days ago on a "rest day" well me and a freind were chasing a ball down he tripped me I fell with my elbow locked out and well kinda went the other way and then "pop" I hear that from my elbow. Well despite pretty much the most pain I ever had... I knew I was screwed. I ended up fracturing my elbow as well as pretty good possibilty of a tear (going friday for MRI). Not too mention a sprained left wrist trying to catch my fall. So I got my right arm in a sling and left wrist in a brace. Im completely down for at LEAST two weeks (doc doesnt even want me typin on a comp... but thats kinda ridcioulous in my opinion). Im hopin within two weeks I can start doing some WOD....but just subbing it for lower body work for the time being. Any suggestions for excersises besides squats??? Sit up may be a lil too difficult with an arm in a sling...This totally sucks, just as Im really starting to get in good shape and kick *** in crossfit....this happens. Total bummer.
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