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sometimes it makes sense to do the entire warm up or scaled down version of it, and sometimes it simply doesn't. if we have a wod that requires 150 to 200 situps, you may not want to do 3 x 15 situps in the warm up. if we're doing a lot of pullups or pullups with weight, you may not want to do 3 x 15 pullups in the warm up.

use the 'official' warm up as a model and add/subtract where it makes sense. the key is to slowly elevate your heartrate via varied movements rather than jumping your heartrate from 60 to 180 in 60 seconds. also, targeting the specific wod movements slowly and lightly as part of the warmup has always made sense to me, and i almost always do this.

i've recently learned i can actually run again, and now i occasionally add 1/4 mile easy runs to my warm up. regarding the warm up, correct is not necessarily specific movements for specified sets and reps.
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