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There really is no way to do the WOD correctly, there is a way to do the WOD as recommended or prescribed. There is always scaling as a factor due to strength, ability and age differences.

As for the official Crossfit warmup that is entirely up to you, no one is going to tell you that you didn't do Cindy right because you failed to do the warmup before hand. I would recommend doing the warmup or some other type of warmup before hand though.

Warmup options:
1. Official Crossfit warmup
2. Official Crossfit warmup - scaled down to current abilities
3. Warmup with a run or using the rower
4. warmup with calisthenics
5. Burgerner warmup (Olympic lifting drill)
6. Dynamic stretches or movement prep
7. Prehab exercises

I'm sure I've missed a few options but you get the idea, you mix and match and see what type of warmup works best for you. I personally haven't done the Crossfit warmup in a while and prefer to do a combination of 3,5,6 and 7. Usually not all at once though.

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