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Eric Allen Kerr
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My Kraigburg's just arrived about an hour ago. I purchased them from the for $518 including shipping (260#) and a 10% Crossfit discount. I ended up going with a set of the colored bumpers since it was only ~$60 more and these things should last for a long time.

Had a little mix up on the shipping. The shipping service they used accidentally put them on the wrong truck Friday, so I had to wait until today to get the bumpers. No big loss since I was out of town this weekend.

The truck the shipping service sent out had a lift and hand truck, so the driver toted them down to the garage for me, unloaded them, and then removed the pallet they were on so I didn't have to deal with getting rid of it.

One of the bumpers had come out of the package and was a little dirty, but I figure they are only going to get dirtier come this evening :-)

I'd have to say that I'm 90% satisfied with the whole deal at this point.
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