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Re: Crossfit 2011 Games

I'm guessing you're Masters if you're already qualified for the Games and aren't worried about Regionals. In that case, from what I remember last year:

1. Yes, you'll be assigned a heat and told when and where your workouts are, though you may not know the whole schedule in advance. Last year they only told the Open competitors what the next workout was, nothing about how many or what the whole weekend schedule would be.
2. If you're competing you should be in free for the whole weekend. That was the case the last two years.
3. From what I remembered each affiliate team was allowed a coach but I can't remember if that was the case on the individual side as well. I vaguely remember something about each competitor getting a complimentary guest pass but could be wrong. Either way, if you've got a guest there, they'll be able to get in yelling range but won't be right next to you during the workouts or anything.
4. The Home Depot Center has plenty of for-real bathrooms. As for Regionals locations, it'll be a case by case basis.
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