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Lenora Galitz-Pfeffer
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Re: piriformis symdrome, rotated pelvis, lumbar sublux, out of comission for a while.

Bummer about your back. Steven Low posted some good advice. It can take time to correct rotations in the pelvis, and balancing your legs. You are doing a good thing with slow bw squats. That keeps some basic strength and flexibility, and your back continues to be supported. Pullups and Pushups can do a ton to keep your strength up. They both work the core. If dips are comfortable, the lockout position may take pressure off your back for a moment. I used to do this to take the stress of my back from a back injury years ago. All I could do were pullups and dips at the time. Pullups can also keep your posture good, which also supports your back. Good luck.
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