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Can a week off help, or hurt?

I did a search on this, to try and find some answers before I posted, but I could not find a specific answer.

About three weeks ago, I was working on my 1RM Deadlift. I was using the "Mixed Grip" left arm palm facing outward, right palm facing backward. unfortunately I never switched it during my work up. When I finished my strength, 395#'s 1 RM. I noticed that my left elbow was sore, it was sore for about 3 days. I rested for one day, and started back. While doing pull-ups, my left elbow was still hurting, and our coach said I was doing pull-ups wrong, so I changed my form. I was good for about a week, but my left elbow is hurting again. I have voodoo floss, and am going to start working my elbow. I was going to take a week off from all crossfit activities, but still stretch during this week. I am 49, and regularly take vitamins, and fish oil, and BCAA's. I am 80% paleo in my diet.

I am icing my elbow 2 times a day

Will the week off help? (I know, stupid question)

Suggestions on what I should do, should not do?
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