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Michael Weinbeck
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Re: Mike's Starting Strength and GOing MAD

Workout #10 (B), 6/11/2010:
Squat 2x5x45, 1x5x85, 1x3x120, 1x2x175, 3x5x205
Press 2x5x45, 1x5x60, 1x3x75, 1x2x90, 3x5x115
Pull-up 1x11x155 (~bw*), 1x8x180, 1x7x180, 1x5x180, 1x5x155

*I don't know if my body weight is still 155. The scale at this gym is useless. Next time I go to the gym that has a real scale, I hope to find that I'm in the 160 range.
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