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Steve [Shafley],

That's interesting info. I though I was thoroughly out of touch with my feminine side, but maybe the pink chiffon silk curtains need to go.

I was starting to think that since male adolescence, ZMA, and steroids all seem to correlate with acne of some sort that high T levels were the cause. Your reply reminds me that hormonal chemistry isn't that simple...

Insulin: I have been going strict Zone for the past couple weeks. I cut out the post-workout insulin spike a couple days into it, but during the days when I was doing (Paleo) Zone except for a post-workout spike twice a week, I noticed that the 'up' of the spike was much higher than it was when the rest of the diet was just Paleo (non-Zone). Purely anecodtal, limited range of experience, of course. Maybe, with regard to performance (as opposed to longevity) insulin sensitivity is like a bank--the more you store up, the more you can use it. I THINK Charlie Francis has suggested refraining from insulin spike except after extremely high-anaerobic volume workouts to conserve the impact of the spike.
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