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With a little tinkering one can have all the goodies Kristian, Lary and others have mentioned:
1-Use the Zone to figure out a basline of food.
2-Partition the food into protien/fat and protien carb meals as per Kristian's recomendations (looks suspiciously like the Anabolic diet or some of John Berardi's stuff).
3- Do the above with an Intermittent Fast (looks suspiciously like what we have recomended in the Performance Menu).

Many thousands of people have simply adopted the Zone, used largely paleo ingredients (meat, veggies, nuts, seeds fruit) trained the WOD 3-on-1off and easily get to ~5% body fat with an amazing levle of fitness. If you are doing MMA I'd keep a very warry eye on how you train.

Good luck! The nutrition thing is a load of fun!
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