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Bench Press Increases?

Hi all!

I'm a newcomer to Crossfit, and will be starting with tomorrow's WOD, as today's a rest day. I'm training to be in law enforcement, and one of the requirements is to bench 1RM of 98% bodyweight. I can hit that now, but barely, and want to hit higher.

I understand that crossfit is comprised of mostly olympic lifts, and I don't often see bench presses utilized in the WODs. I know I can supplement them into a workout as needed, but can anyone provide me with any insight regarding increases in 1RM bench? I primarily just don't want to lose what I've already got, as I've got upcoming PTTs and need to pass them. My current routine keeps me where I need to be, but I want more of a challenge, and CF fits the bill.

So will it help me increase my 1rm bench, or do I need to find time to supplement CF's WOD with my own bench routine as needed?

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