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Re: Crossfit is the best program for Bodybuilding

Originally Posted by Tim Donahey View Post
Are many people (men) going to gain 30-40+ lbs of lean muscle mass on Crossfit?

Probably not.
that depends on the time line and the food intake
someone consuming 6k cals a day will eventually gain 40lbs on crossfit
which is what most dudes on bb programs are eating but the majority of cfers are looking to gain 40lbs

personally i had my best weight gain during stars 5x5
i went from about 140 to 210 in a little over a year , i was eating non stop

i def dont think crossfit is the ideal bodybuilding program but anyone saying they lost muscle are crossfit simply were not eating enough
CF has us deadlifting , squating , pressing , pulling , and oly lifting heavy all in one month
theres no reason why anyone should be losing muscle if they are eating enough
follow my progress
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