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Re: Crossfit is the best program for Bodybuilding

why does this arguement on bodybuilding -vs- CF keep occuring?

No-one ever agrees on it and it gets really boring with different versions of the same old arguement coming up.

I like Coaches comment in the previous thread on the same subject to paraphrase 'the comment on the main site regarding CF and bodybuilding is based on his work in Golds, whereby he saw a great number of natural bodybuilders, juicing bodybuilders, gymnasts and CFers training at the same time' To me this seems like anecdotal experience that is valid, particularly given the experience level of coach.

The real question is - does it matter whether CF is better at mass gain than BB? two different training types with two different goals.

Why do we constantly need to be doing the 'best' routine - surely it's better to do what's best for you - and really only you can decide what that is.

CF works for me after a number of years of playing with other systems. I like the ethos and the spirit of it. If it doesn't work for my friends I'm not going to change to their programme.
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