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Re: Your weird habits.

Originally Posted by Stuart Buck View Post

Then I figured out that I'd always do better to take the first step by itself, then go up the rest of the stairs in twos, and then take the last step by itself. That always works if there are an even number of steps. Thus, if there are 10 steps (5 sets of two), the first step is with the left leg; then there are four pairs (even split between left and right leg) and the last step is on the right leg --- it all evens out. If there are 12 steps (6 sets of two), the first step is with the left leg, then there are 5 pairs (right, left, right, left, right), and then the last step is with the left leg, so that evens out as well.
I like how logically you execute your OCD'ness.

Whenever I start to fall asleep in class for some reason I will violently jerk myself up and awake, It scares people and I have no clue why it happens.

Whenever walking with someone side by side I always try to make sure we switch sides at least once.
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