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Re: Your weird habits.

Originally Posted by Danielle Benford View Post
When driving my truck under a low clearance, I tend to hunch down as though it is going to affect the overall height of the truck.
That makes sense, though: If you knock the top off your truck, then at least your head will be safe.

I hate it when stairs are in odd numbers (like 11 steps), because it's not an even number on each foot.

Also, I like to go up stairs by twos, and if there are an odd number of twos (such as if there are 10 steps, 5 sets of two), that used to bother me too, because I'd have to count the whole way and then sometimes stop two steps from the top and take the last two individually.

Then I figured out that I'd always do better to take the first step by itself, then go up the rest of the stairs in twos, and then take the last step by itself. That always works if there are an even number of steps. Thus, if there are 10 steps (5 sets of two), the first step is with the left leg; then there are four pairs (even split between left and right leg) and the last step is on the right leg --- it all evens out. If there are 12 steps (6 sets of two), the first step is with the left leg, then there are 5 pairs (right, left, right, left, right), and then the last step is with the left leg, so that evens out as well.
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