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Push/pull is a relatively simple kind of workout that is very effective. There's a recent (2 days old IIRC) article on t-nation about it as well.

Basically in a push-pull you group all of the pushing muscles together which is calves, quads, pecs, tris, anterior & medial delts, etc. vs. the pulling muscles which are the hamstrings, glutes, back, posterior delts, biceps, etc.

Grouping large compounds is fairly simple from there which means that with push you have dips, military press/HSPUs, bench/pushups, squats, front squats while with pull you have oly lifts, deadlifts, rows, pullups/chinups, good mornings, GHR, etc.

There's two ways you can go with this... which is a combination of upper/lower with push/pull or just full body push and full body pull which is more effective IMO cause you can do that more times a week. Simply put, when you do a pull workout, the push muscles are rested that day so there's always enough rest time (48 hrs usually) to recover.

I've gone over a bunch of routine making stuff in my "how to construct your own workout routine" thread (w/f safe):

Basically, figure out exercises isn't that hard. IMO I would use all compounds (multi-joint movements like the ones I listed above) because they give you the most bang for your buck. Stuff like tricep kickbacks and biceps curls while they can be used for specific hypertrophy if you're a BBer.. won't be that great for the average layperson compared to a chinup... which works your biceps, lats and back. 3 for 1 essentially.

A sample one I posted (if you don't want to visit the link) is a 3x a week push/pull with 2 heavy workouts and 2 light ones.

Mon - heavy pull
Tues - heavy push
Wed - Rest
Thurs - Heavy pull, light push
Fri - Heavy push, light pull
Sat - Rest
Sun - Rest

It gives sufficient time to recover if you're not that conditioned, and it's frequent enough that strength (and muscle mass if you eat enough) will be added fairly quickly. With regards to adding CF something like this would work pretty well on a 3 on 1 off schedule.

day1: heavy push (if WOD is push intensive, do pull)
day2: CF
day3: heavy pull (switch to pull if day2 was push)
day4: rest (add another rest day if needed)

Normally, I'd always put light days before heavy days mainly because heavy is CNS intensive, but if you're doing DLs and cleans one day.. you probably don't want to be doing squats and/or front squats the next day.

Here's the article I mentioned earlier.

semi w/f safe (sometimes has scantily clad fitness models + BBer almost in a split):;jsessionid=B24CA8595E06390506B42ACEE4 D1E9E3 .hydra?id=1634829
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