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Re: Shoes-Running-Crossfit

I read lots of great things about the Puma H-streets and went out searching for a pair. I found them and they were super comfy, but a bit extreme to wear at my job (where I get away with jeans/polo and tennis shoes), so I ended up with another less-extreme pair of Puma running shoes. After coming home and continuing to read even more awesome reviews about the H-streets and how difficult they were starting to be (since Puma discontinued them), I ended up returning to the store and buying a pair of the H-streets as well. Now, I wear the less-extreme Puma's to work, and wear my funky black & shiny silver H-streets everywhere outside of work.

They're super comfy, but my feet/ankles/etc have been really sore lately. Of course, thats because I switched over to these minimalist running shoes 24/7 cold-turkey, AND tried running that 5K last week using the Pose Method for the first-time. I haven't ran or even jogged in several years and the whole thing was just a bad idea. But I'm recovering. I was actually feeling pretty good until I tried a couple-box jumps and set myself back a few days. From what I've read, it's gonna be a little weird for a couple weeks while your feet/ankles/etc all adjust to supporting your actions rather than the ultra-fancy supportive shoes we've been wearing.

I read about the Nike Frees, but I read too many reviews where people said they fell apart within a couple weeks or even days. Whereas, I read several reviews about the H-streets where they people said they lasted over a year and for some people even longer.

I think the Vibram Five-Fingers would be cool, but I can't find any place locally where I could "check them out" before buying. I hate buying things online where you can try them on first.

just my 2 cents. i paid $59.99 for my Puma H-streets. my only gripe, and its not with the shoes themselves, is that almost all of my jeans are wide-leg, nothing extreme, but i end up walking on part of my pant leg. i've just been cuffing them and looking even more like a dork. and as far as buying pants the right size, if you're a short guy, you can relate, but for the others, jeans generally don't come smaller than a 30" inseam. i'm 5'4" and probably need like a 27" or 28" inseam. sure i could have them hemmed, but i'm still scarred from all the comments i used to get growing up when my mom had to hemm all my pants. ha!

here's a pic of the H-streets:
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