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Re: Starting to feel beat up while leaning out. What to change?

Originally Posted by Will Feber View Post
I'm 6 feet not 6'2". 19% was measured with a dexa scan.
Dexa scans have a tendency to overestimate fat percentages. Whatever the case, don't get too caught up with that. I'd say try doing 1 or 2 refeed days a week. On those days shoot for 4000-4500 calories. You'll seem a little bloated by the end of it, but you'll lean back out on the lower calorie days. This should allow you to put on muscle slowly, or at least maintain, and increase recovery ability while continuing the fat loss. Also, listen to your body. As Chris mentioned, the body adapts quickly and its needs change over time. If you feel rundown, eat more. When you feel better, add some lower calorie days back in. If you have more muscle, increased strength, and more energy for workouts you will burn more calories during said workouts. If you keep eating less and lifting less, you will work yourself into a hole.
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