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Re: 2014 Open Training

Nothing crazy today, nutrition/sleep was off all weekend with staying away from home. Fasting atleast 20hrs maybe 22 into my workout depending what it is.

Aug 25
Warmup - not much jumped right in, also took very long breaks between war ups which through me off
Snatch warmups - up to 200lbs

4min to Find max Snatch
205lbsx1 215x1 220x0x2

Close at both attempts at 220, definitely have more just wasn't warm enough. 215 felt pretty solid though. Hoping for 225+ come competition day.

Short rest

4min AMRAP
5 x T2B
5 x Box Jump
Score: 70 (7 Rounds, I think)

Really wasn't feeling it here, I no repped myself on 5 or so T2B and just had trouble cycling them. I feel like 10 rounds would be possible with better cycling of my reps. I had a lot of wasted time, and again no warmup. Other guy did 11.

WOD #4 Announced
For time, 12min cap:
60 x S2O @ 135lbs
2 x 50ft Lunge w/ 45lb plate overhead
60 x Power Clean @ 135lbs
2 x 50ft Bear Crawl
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