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Re: Renegade Diet

Funny you mention that. I got a POS personal blender from Hamilton Beach, don't buy it, the cap leaks when you blend anything in it. It's going back to amazon, thanks Prime!

I'd get the magic bullet but it has far too many pieces. I'm not one for clutter in the house.

Back to the Wendler talk, I just finished my first week of the 70% cycle. Dear god....

My numbers aren't huge by any means, but 5x10 is a lot and you get tired real quick.

Press 95 <-- by far the hardest. had to rerack for reps 7,8,9, 10 on the back sets.
Bench 135 <-- second hardest. similar to press but not as bad.
Dead 225 <-- not a problem here, even did them all with 90s of rest.
Squat 190 <--- brutal, just brutal. I did them all without the belt but quickly upped my recovery time to 2 then 3 minutes for the final set. The final 4 reps were basically singles without reracking the weight.

I can make it though the rest of the month but 70% is far too much for longer term programming. I for-see having to drag myself across the last week of the cycle.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do at the end of the cycle, it'll be the "end" of the BBB 3 month "challenge." 60% was just a bit on the side of easy but 70% is too heavy, I'm failing on the pressing movements. Perhaps, I'll back it to 65% and just run that for another 3 months.

Hence why I feel like 2700 calories on training days is a bit skinny. I wanted to hit the Chinese buffet tonight but restrained myself.

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