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Re: combining pullups with school

Originally Posted by Hamze Abdi View Post
So, apparently, class isn't a mandatory 8:30 thing. I can show up between 8:30 and 12:30 or not show up...

I finally got all my 63 pullups done. I fall asleep at 3:30, I can wake up at 10:30 and start class at 11:30.

This makes life a bit easier...
Why is 63 the magic number? If I remember right, your max set is 7, which means you should be doing 3-4 sets of ~4 reps throughout the day. Total time commitment: no more than 3 minutes unless you have to walk across town to find a pullup bar.

But hey, I'm not one to let an arbitrary number stop me from missing 3/4 of the education I'm paying for.