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Re: 2 Days after First Class, Inner Elbow Soreness

I had a lot of issues with my elbows when I first started working out (CrossFit and just weightlifting in general). Turns out it was tendinitis in both elbows (outer on the right, inner on the left). I struggled with it for a long time especially after any workouts requiring significant and prolonged grip strength (Deadlift, pullups etc). Not too bad for the lighter guys but when you're trying to do 50 pull-ups at 250 pounds, it taxes your grip, haha.

I had excruciating pain picking something as light as a soda can up with an extended arm. It was that bad. Now I have no pain whatsoever even picking up plates after a workout (pinch carrying them).

I have been working on my grip strength now along with my normal weightlifting and it has helped a ton.

In the meantime, I found that using a lacrosse ball on the elbows, inside and out, helped alleviate the pain quite a bit. It will hurt like hell when you're doing it but after that, it will feel better.

I'd also recommend going to see someone who is qualified in Graston to scrape that area as well. Again, that will hurt like hell but it alleviates a lot of the pain. Don't fight through it as it will only make it worse.

Good luck!
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