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Re: apparently not eating enough?

Originally Posted by Troy Kenshin View Post
I've been eating relatively the same amount per day for a year (give or take) and have made considerable strength and speed gains/all around physical improvements.
however, i just tried a few different calorie calculators and all of them show that I'm eating about 1000 calories to few a day.
can this be possible if I've been perfectly fine all this time doing what I'm doing?

i want to stay lean like i currently am and my performance hasn't suffered at all that i know of so i wanted to know if i can get some honest opinions on the matter. (I've previously listened to the consensus of people on here previously and it has done me well)
Estimated energy intakes based on food diaries can easily be out by as much as 50% so providing you feel okay and your lifts and body composition are improving you should just forget about calorie counting.
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