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Re: Conditional use permit

Originally Posted by Eric R. Schmidt View Post
For what its worth...I made an appointment with the local economic development team so they're going to help walk me thru the red tape, and I've got no real capital to speak of...I think the "stay under the radar" advice is good, if you can do it in OC...everybody wants a piece of the action it seems...try and focus on being the best coach you can and things will fall into place...Good luck to you and good training!
I've worked with economic development folks, and they're very good at getting you through the red tape legally. But remember, "legally" involves no special exemptions, so if technically the law says something absurd like "You must wear red underwear while training clients at your gym", no matter how absurd, they'll make sure you fill out the form certifying that you will, in fact, wear red underwear.
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