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Re: Live Strongman

Originally Posted by Anson Castelvecchi View Post
What's the event?
A strongman competition, events are as follows: Log Clean and press: 180lb log for max reps in 90 seconds. Axle Deadlift: 430lb axel Max reps in 90 seconds. Team Super Yoke: Approximately 600lb yoke for distance. Competitors will have 2 minutes to go as far as they can. Both teammates will work together in order to get the greatest amount of distance. Team Hand Over Hand Pull/Drag: 800 lb prowler. For time seated hand over hand pull with a 2 thick rope for approximately 40ft, once pulled in the full way, the prowler must be dragged back to the starting point. Team Static Hold: Teammate 1; 15kg sledgehammer front raise hold, teammate 2; 1-12kg Macebell in each hand for a static side raise hold. Arms must remain at 90 degrees. Highest combined time wins the event
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