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Re: CrossFitters vs Decathletes

Originally Posted by Brock Wilson View Post
How would a world class decathlete do if he/she were dropped into the CrossFit Games with no CF specific traning? How would they do after a month of focused training?

Conversely, how would an elite level (top 10 at the games, say) CrossFitter do in the decathlon (heptahlon for women)? How would they do with 1 month of specific training?
With a month's training, the decathlete would absolutely smoke the competition. And even without a month's training, the decathlete would probably win as long no unfamiliar and overly technical events showed up.

Why? Because track is a popular, long-established sport in which world class competitors can make a good living. Crossfit, as a sport, is only in its fourth year, and for the first time it will be offering prize money.

This isn't meant as a rip on the people competing in the Games. (I'm not there, so obviously they are impressive to me). But there is no way a top crossfitter could compete in the decathlon (or any other established sport) at the pro or olympic level. Because if they could, they would.
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