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Disabled Athlete Division

I am a disabled CrossFit Athlete. I was injured almost 5 years ago. My accident occurred by a careless driver. I was training for a triathlon when his truck struck me from behind. Long story short the accident left me paralyzed from the waist down. I had to have back surgery where they fused 5 vertebrae. Since the accident severed my spinal cord partially I was left paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheel chair. After a couple months of high rehab costs, who knew insurance would only cover 30 days of rehab with a catastrophic injury, I had to do it on my own. I had been a personal trainer for a few years. So I bought a ton of equipment for my garage and started going at it. After getting good results I started training people in my garage. I had now started to walk again with the use of crutches. Less than a year later I found CrossFit. It changed my whole rehab routine and my clients. I quickly grew out of my garage then opened CrossFit Valdosta.
My question is, as a disabled CrossFit Athlete, there is physically no way for me to qualify for the CrossFit games. Is there ever going to be a disabled division? I have competed in triathlons as a disabled athlete and they break it down based on the disability, tri1, tri2, tri3, tri4, tri5, and tri 6. Each class being different disabilities. I know it is very hard to come up with WOD's based on each person with disabilities. Every disability is different and each person with a disability can do different things. I just feel a place in competition and I want to compete. I think with the 30000 plus injured soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan a disabled division would be great. It would give people with disabilities a chance to compete and a place in CrossFit.
Not sure who I need to talk to further, but If you know the right place send me a shout.
CrossFit Valdosta
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