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Re: Any tips on running classes with limited equipment?

i ran into this problem with my "boot camp"-style class the other day. we usually train outside (no overhead!) but when it rained, i invited my athletes over to my apartment. it's a really small space, and my son's toys are obstacles. we only had three athletes that day, though, so it wasn't a big deal.

anyway, i had them do three tabata intervals, one of squats, another of push-ups and a third of jumping pull-ups. each athlete was at a "station" for the duration of the interval. then they switched. and then they switched again, so all three athletes did all three intervals. under 20 minutes, including rest.

you can do the same thing with whatever equipment you have. if you have dumbbells or kettlebells, you're fine. together with your pull-up bars and some bodyweight exercises, you're awesome, even.

you could split your 10 people into pairs across 5 stations: pull-ups, push-ups, squats, db/kb swings, db hang squat cleans. switch stations after X seconds. for Y rounds.

just an example.

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