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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

I fall on the side of 'what's the point?' It's already been said, but nobody got anything out of this game. Why not throw out the benchers, play your defense, shore up your weak points, hell, let the players who often don't get a chance to throw around some? When we'd be winning by six points in a soccer game (rarely, but there were 2 schools in the league who played to be beaten), our coach would play the bench and have us go for plays that we hadn't been able to pull off on successful teams. Does that mean you don't go for the goal? Of course you do! But give yourself a challenge- something to work for.

Playing your starters, going for threes, and the like sounds, to me, like putting a room full of level 2 trainers through "Makimba." Nobody gets anything out of it, so why bother?
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