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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

Originally Posted by Frank Dennis View Post
Again, not saying that the aspect of competition should be removed from youth sports, I'm wondering why, in situations where loss is already ensured, and therefore effectively been experienced by the losers, the winning side would desire to prolong it. Who is that fun for?
It is fun for no one. But I would argue that the winning team is Morally obligated to play to the very best of their ability. That is the only way the opposing team can really push themselves and see how their skill stacks up. As soon as we start making it easier for other people who are not as good they develop a false sense of accomplishment.

The real atrocity here is in the coaching of the poor girls that lost that game. That they are playing in a league that they are obviously not prepared for year after year is appalling. They need to get a coach that will work the girls to a point where they can be competitive, or they need to find another league where they can play "for fun"

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