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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

Again, not saying someone should be played down to, and like I said, if someone is suited to participating in something competitive, losing will make them try harder. I'm not suggesting that people be spared the experience of losing.

But, when I'm competing with someone, say in jiu jitsu... if I can toss him around at will, I then take no pleasure in victory. I'm not challenged, there's no chance I'll lose, and so victory carries no joy. After we're done, if I have the chance, I'll offer to train with him, talk to him about where the holes in his game are, suggest defenses to learn for what he was caught in, help him be better so the next time we roll, I might be challenged.

As I said, I realize this is not an action that you can take in the context of a team sport like football; you can't have the whole opposing team come train with you, it's not logistically feasible.

But, I would think the sensation of a pointless victory remains, so I was actually asking the question; what pleasure does one derive from widening the margin of victory against an opponent incapable of defending themselves once winning is a foregone conclusion? I'm curious...

Again, not saying that the aspect of competition should be removed from youth sports, I'm wondering why, in situations where loss is already ensured, and therefore effectively been experienced by the losers, the winning side would desire to prolong it. Who is that fun for?

Maybe I'm just weird...

Originally Posted by Kevin Daigle View Post
as someone has already said in this thread i believe, its actually insulting to have an opponent "go easy on you" regardless of the situation. Playing against a team/opponent that is better than you only makes you better.....if they play DOWN to your level, they're doing you a disservice.

If it wasn't for all the games I lost, I wouldn't have had the drive, the anger, the intensity etc necessary to elevate myself to the level that I did (along with my team) in order to accomplish what we eventually did. And now, people are trying to rob kids of these lessons.
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