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Bloody Nose Bleed

Yesterday, got up, started my 100 Pushup routine. At about 5, felt fluid in the nose. Next thing you know, dripping blood. Stopped my w/o. The nose bleed stopped about 15 minutes later. During the day, looked up on here about nose bleeds during w/o. Apparently somewhat common with weight lifting, and dry cold weather.

So got home after work to do my Angie. At the 15th pullup, the nose started gushing. I swear I cut a major artery or something. Stuck some kleenex in the nose thinking it would plug it to continue the Angie, lasted 5 seconds. So now I'm on my back, on the floor, ****ed knowing this w/o is over. After I setteled down, when back to the house. The nose kept bleeding. We tried pressure around the nose, tried head tilts. I could feel the blood draining down my throat. Now 3 hrs. later, I've got a belly full of blood, trying to delute it with drinking lots of water. Finally tried an Ice pack on the bridge of the nose. That finally slowed it down enough to stop (4 hrs later). Yes, a cold front moved through the region with cold very dry air. Now I'm very depressed for I see no workouts till this thing heals. I've got a 10 ski trip next week that I was trying to prepare for.

Just thought I'd share this BLOODY NOSE BLEED.
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