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Solid response. Good luck, hope to see you at a cert. BTW, Jon is a heck of a nice guy, have spent some cash with him along with recommending him to my friends. BTW x 2, not only are the CF certs powerful, you never know who my drop in. My friend just came back from a Power lifting Cert in San Diego. Coach Rip was putting it on, last day, Coach Mike B dropped in, along with Eva T. Sarina networked with some awesome people. I know some people that went up to Doug's place in Ann Arbor (Hyperfit) awesome place and Doug is a great guy.
I'm looking forward to the Pittsburgh Cert, when HQ posted the new Cert at Quantico. I'm thinking that HQ will send the A team as we're talking Marines, so like a nut, I signed up for that Cert. Now I see the Performance Menu guys are coming to DC in October for Oly seminar, what the heck, might as well be really in debt, so I'm in on that one. There are some many great guys to train with, try to hook up with some of them.
BTW, Dan John shows up every so often, was just on the East Coast, couldn't make it, maybe next time. We have access to Coach G, Coach Rip, Coach B, the entire staff at HQ and some of the great CF'rs that post on this site, Greg E, Eugene A, Steve L, Lincoln, Dr. G.
Some much to learn, so little time.

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