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Re: How did your "Murph" go?

I know I'm being a narc, but I have to ask the population....

In a FB thread, a guy posted that he did Murph in 29:xx, at the age of 54, with a 40# vest. I'm pretty sure it's this guy:

On FB he said he's just not good with a barbell/oly lifts, and that he's just really good at bodyweight movements. He said he has done a 27-round Cindy more than once. All fine and good, but at 163# bodyweight, adding 40# is significant, and to do 20 rounds of Cindy at essentially the same pace, AND throw in two mile runs at, what, a 5-minute pace, when he claims just an 18-minute 5k (which is good, don't get me wrong, but that's a 6-ish minute pace having NOT just done a Cindy. He did the Open scaled except for 15.4 (only 3 HSPU, which backs up the 'no good with a barbell' thing).

My box has a 50-54 guy who finished the Masters qualifier top 10 in the world, who is pretty good with a barbell but bodyweight and metcon is his specialty, and I don't think he managed that time without any vest. I this guy's claim really possible???
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