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Re: Why No Powerlifting at the Games?

I see your point, but at the same time have to point out that really other than a couple novel movements crossfit doesn't have their own unique movements.

They've borrowed from weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, etc...

The "unique" movements might not be done in competition by anyone else, but they are certainly done by athletes from the sport that they (the movements) come from in training.

how is back squat any easier to excel at than deadlift? yet we've seen deadlift in competitions. I'm not a WR holder (i've still got quite a ways to go) or anything but going from games page athletes numbers no one really "excels" at BS. 400-500lbs squat at 175-215 is not exactly excelling, don't get me wrong its actually good, but its not excelling/great, AND from youtube videos i've seen from some games athletes...their PRs/games page numbers are padded a bit sometimes, none of the lifts mentioned are not legit tests of strength or things that really wouldn't make sense being tested.
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