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Re: Heavyweights...

Originally Posted by Victor J McQuaide View Post
If crossfit is what you want to do.. would start tackling that 19% BF. Have you done a hydro tank reading? How is the diet? I would focus on weight loss as much as you can while building your engine. Possibly going into the 235's will help everything in crossfit... Good luck.. 11 comps is a lot of them.. keep it up.
Originally Posted by Jordan Higgins View Post
You are a big guy who should control to get in shape and hopefully keep your heavy lifts and you will definitely win some events and hopefully come in good place on other events for an overall win.
Like a few games competitors came in the top 10 overall in the world and didn't win any events at all. they were consistent across the board. You can win some events and try to get avg on some of the events that favor a smaller competitor.
Even if he got down to 10% bf, he'd be hovering around 250-260...which is far and away heavier then any top level crossfit guy.
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